Monday, October 20, 2014

MON// Makeup On The Run - What's In My Makeup Bag

The "hustle bustle" life is a hard one to get used to even though it is the reality for many. This includes, occasionally giving up the luxury of meticulous and enjoyable makeup application and instead just quickly slapping some on because you may...I don't know.. wake up only to find yourself running really late- a predicament I have been finding myself in lately, so I wanted to share with you my basic makeup kit that comes with me in my purse that can get me through the week days where I have to hustle and bustle from morning till evening. 


I much prefer liquid foundation, currently I have been loving my Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme( which you can read more about here X ) However, I don't always have time to apply that so instead I opt for my Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation ( X ) . Using their specialized "air buki" brush I can quickly pat and swirl the foundation onto my face and "woli'a" foundation done. I am surprised at the decent coverage this stuff gives especially since I have been dealing with pretty terrible skin. Currently, none of my foundations cover all of my blemishes completely. It's just the frustration I have to deal with for now until I can properly sort out my skin. I also like to bring this foundation with me for light touch ups throughout the day. 
For concealer, I take my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, ( x) . The one I have is in the shade Vanilla, a shade darker than the shade I normally get in Chantilly. I have this one because I ran out of my previous tube and all my local Sephora had in stock for me was Vanilla. I find that its not too much of a bother because this concealer blends into the skin so beautifully and seamlessly. Its perfect for covering up blemishes and also its great at combating those under eye circles.


For quick fuss-free eye makeup I prioritize the brows first. My eyebrows are pretty full and dark but require a little filling here and there and also a quick comb through to make them nice and neat. Currently, I have been using the NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil in the shade, Brown.  I got this pencil as cheaper alternative to the Anastasia Brow Wiz which I have used and loved in the past. I do find that this shade is a tad on the warm side and does not match my brow hair color quite right but I think it does the job. I also prefer a spooly brush in comparison to the brush attached to this product. 
For the eyes I recently was gifted this adorable mini travel size Smashbox Full Exposure eye shadow palette from my lovely blogger friend Sydney! ( check out her blog here! X) Among other glorious goodies she sent me I have found this palette to be so incredibly useful! It is smaller than my phone and fits perfectly in my makeup bag. The color selection is very well put together and thought out for a tiny little palette. You have a mix of shimmers and matte shades, all neutral colors for easy day time looks. I usually pat the creamy shimmery color all over the lid and inner corner with my finger to brighten the eyes a bit and then I round out the look with the dark brown matte shade blended into the crease and outer edge with my MAC 217 brush. So easy I barely even have to think about it! After the eye shadow is done I quickly swipe mascara onto my upper and lower lashes with a mini Makeup Forever Smoky Extravagant Lash Mascara I received in a Sephora birthday gift. This mascara is really nice, the brush has a nice tapered edge so you can really get the inner lashes evenly coated though I do recommend wiping extra product off the brush before applying, as this brush picks up a lot of product and could leave you with quite a mascara dilemma if not cautious.   

I don't carry my beloved Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector ( x)  or my blush/bronzer Flushed Palette from Urban Decay (x) with me as they simply will not fit in my current makeup bag. In place of highlighter I will sometimes take the shimmery cream shade from the aforementioned Smashbox palette and run that on my brow bone and upper cheek for some highlighting magic on my face. 


Lastly, the lips. I just recently spoke about my love for my NARS Audacious Lipstick in the shade Charlotte (X) but, in my "On The Go Makeup Bag" I tote around a lipstick from The BodyShop in their Color Crush line. It is a deep garnet color called " Crazy, Sexy, Crimson". I don't know who thought up that name but regardless, I am crazy in love with this lipstick. It feels ultra moisturizing on the lips and very comfortable. It also leaves a pleasant stain in its wake after wearing it for a couple hours. Also, this lipstick only runs to $12.50 which I think is a outright bargain! I know dark red is not an easy everyday shade like a nude pink but, for me that is what takes my really simplified look to a higher level of sophistication. Red lips are just so classic and feminine and it just makes me feel like I am put together. 

And that completes it! That is all I take with me in my makeup bag! Its all very simple so that I can do my makeup extremely quick but still feel like I am looking pretty good for the day.  I hope you all enjoyed it. 
Let me know what are your favorite makeup products for when you have to have already been out the door! I would love to hear your suggestions! Hope your having a good day today, ( I hope it is restful too) See you all next time! 

- A   


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