Monday, August 29, 2016

Back To School Supply Haul!

Back to school is not the most fun time of the year. Summer is drawing to a close, fun and games are dwindling and its time to go back to work and study. This year I thought I would share one of the more exciting parts about going back to school/college and that is getting school supplies! ( Minus the textbooks that cost an arm and a leg.)
There is something about stationary that I just adore. Cute notebooks that are waiting to be filled with notes and boredom doodling, pens and paperclips. Now a days all of these seemingly mundane items can be adorable and fit to your own aesthetic tastes. Pretty much all of these items I picked up at Target (not sponsored by Target), because I love the variety that they have and they tend to carry some really nicely curated items that always seem to catch my eye. However, that means if anything happens to catch your eye you can most likely find it very easily.

Copper Stapler // Target

Probably my most favorite item in this haul is this copper and clear acrylic stapler. Its just really nice to look at. Also, serves a really useful purpose of keeping important documents together and organized.

Yoobi Mini Highligher Set // Target

Having a variety of colored highlighters to keep organized seemed like a good idea to me. This set from Yoobi was a good deal.

Polka Dot File Folders // Target

You might be able to tell with the items in this haul but I have a big thing for polka dots. I am a sucker for them. They are always so adorable. I found this set of folders that has a variety of polka dotted folders. One black and white, white and gold and one with some pretty brush lettering and black and gold dots. You get 12 in the set which I think will be very useful in the next semesters to come.

Sharpie Pens // Target

You can find these most anywhere but I love how these sharpie pens write.

Copper Binder Clips // Target

Another general thing that is useful for a student keeping papers together are binder clips. Target had a bunch of really cute ones but I went for the copper ones in the end.

Be Happy Notebook // Poketo

One of my favorite shops online is Poketo. ( They have an actual store in CA, sadly I do not live there). I believe I got this notebook about a year ago and have not put it to use yet. ( yes, I am one of those stationary hoarders.) I thought I probably should give it some love this year.

Fox Page Holders // Target

These are wicked cute little page holders, good to hold your spot in textbooks. They were also quite cheap too.

Watercolor Page Tabs // A gift that I got a super long time ago ( but also came from Targets dollar tree spot).

Striped and Gold Dotted Notebook// Target

Again with the dots, I just can never have enough! I liked this notebook/journal because it was nice and thick. It could be multi-subject too.

Mint Faux Leather Letter Style Folder // Sugar Paper LA + Target
One of the first things that I got for the school year was this letter style folder. Often times I will get tons of loose paper from different classes and forget to organize them. I thought this could be a great and cute temporary home for those.

And that about does it for this little school supply haul. I know its not a ton but I honestly don't need to have so much stuff to carry around. Just enough to keep me organized and going. I hope this provides some inspiration for the upcoming school semester. Sorry that all of these items came from Target with exception of one item ( hehe I have a problem when it comes to Target).
School starts on Tuesday for me (eek!)

Hope you guys are having a great week & if any of you are going back to school or college GOOD LUCK!


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