Saturday, September 17, 2016

Favorite Summer Moments Of 2016

I can't believe summer is essentially all over already. Every year it seems to go by a lot quicker. Always too soon in my book. Truth to be told I used to not like summer weather as much. I much preferred fall time. As time has gone on I am very torn on which season I like more. Fall has its beauty as well, my favorite holiday of all time, Halloween, great comfort food, colors, fashion, etc. But, summer is majestic. Especially here in Maine. It gets hot, but never too hot and it does get humid which I don't love but easy to get over when you surround yourself either into beautiful nature/ shade or in air conditioning. The summer hours are the best because the sun is out till 8:45 and there is a lot of time for quiet contemplation. Whether that be in quiet water as you let it drift you around or sitting in the grass with a blanket laid out watching the sunset. Summer really allows time for you to explore yourself and your surroundings and be slightly more adventurous and daring. Whereas I feel that autumn is more of a comfort zone time where you can cuddle up in knit wear and a hot beverage and a great book and explore that way too. Anyways, I wanted to share some of my favorite moments this summer. I did something similar to this in 2014 where I did so many things I love and treasure those memories to this day. So, I wanted to do the same here.

1. Swimming At Sand Pond
One of my favorite swimming spots this year was definitely Sand Pond. Its in Baldwin, ME and its a pretty quiet beautiful swimming spot in Maine. I could be a pretty huge wimp when it came to the coldness of the water at first, it would always take me so long to be fully immersed. Baby steps.. baby steps. The evening I have a photo of was when I went with my two best friends and one of my best friends sisters. There was a magical sunset that evening and I just had to capture it. A very magical evening indeed.

2. Pokemon Go Hunting EVERYWHERE
Growing up in the 90s Pokemon was a big thing. I didn't really catch on till its third generation with Ruby and Sapphire but, I still really love the whole franchise and so when this app hit the market I was soon hooked on it. My friends were as well. Since, I have gone on so many adventures around in the search for Pokemon. Some adventures ending with 2AM hunts. My question! Which team did you choose? I chose Team Mystic because I have always really loved Articunos design.

3. Traveling and Exploring Peaks Island and Long Island
Something I have really always wanted to do was to travel to the islands of Maine. I have lived here 23 years now and I had not seen Peaks Island or any of the other islands for that matter. This summer I am so happy I got to go. Peaks Island has become one of my happy places. It is literally SO incredibly beautiful it makes me want to cry. Everyone seems to have a nice garden ( Hydrangeas AHOY!) there are incredible ocean views all around the island. Pretty much everyone gets around by golf cart, walking or cycling making the roads quieter and safer to explore. One of the trips to Peaks I made with a close friend we walked the entirety of the island. Seven and a half miles later! ( whew!) We were exhausted but to see all the different views on a beautiful summer evening was very much worth it.

4. Seeing Maine State Music Theatre's Summer Stock
My mom has raised me to adore the theatre. Plus, my best friend is now a graduated theatre major who has been working extremely hard all summer long at Maine State Music Theatre in Brunswick in their costumes dept. Making everyone look fabulous no doubt! Because of that I have gone to see almost every show that Maine State has put out its last two summers. Their last season was amazing, my favorite probably being Young Frankenstein. This season they have done a wonderful job. First they preformed Ghost the Musical ( I had never seen the movie before. I know! for shame!) it was really great though, a tear jerker for me, I didn't get to see their performance of Fiddler on The Roof but I heard that it was amazing, and then they also did Evita, which I had never heard about so that show was a learning experience and was very good. Lastly, they preformed Mamma Mia! which was spectacular. If you ever have the chance to see a Maine State Theatre show I would highly recommend it. You won't regret it.

5. Going on a lone photography adventure
At the very beginning of the summer I decided impulsively to go on a little driving excursion and take my DSLR with me. It was a beautiful afternoon and I got to take a few really pretty snaps of things I saw. It was a great way to get back and flex those photography muscles!

6. Started going to the gym again
This wasn't really a singular memory but this summer I started going back to the gym again. I used to go pretty frequently but life happened and I had fallen out of it. I started going with a friend of mine and we tend to motivate each other a lot to go, even if sometimes we would rather veg out. I have also gone quite a few times on my own. Getting a workout always tends to help with my anxiety and depression. Even if I don't initially feel like doing it. I usually feel better afterwards. ( Unless I go too hard and then physically I am sore! ouch!).

7. Old Orchard Fireworks on the 4th of July
This year I had the great opportunity to see the Old Orchard Beach Fourth of July fireworks at the pier. Which is really difficult to get into. Most of the time my buddies and I just watch from the beach, which is always great. But this year we got to be up at the pier with my friends and one of my friends family. It was spectacular. And the sunset...can we just take a moment to appreciate that. I feel like this view is an iconic summertime photo with the ferris wheel and dramatic colorful light. That night was pretty magical. One to never forget.

Its bothering me slightly that I am stopping at seven moments but, that is what feels most right for me. Overall I think there have been some great moments and memories this summer. I am glad I pushed myself to do things that I had not before. Or picked up new things I had not done in a long time. Afterall, thats what summer is for! A chance for opportunity!

What are some of your favorite memories of the summer? Let me know in the comments!

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