Monday, August 4, 2014

M O N // Summer Essentials

Happy Monday everyone! It's already August, wow I can't believe it! I have been seeing stores all around starting to gear up for fall and back to school (ick). However, I am trying to savor every last sweet bit of summer. Soon enough the leaves will be turning, it will get dark early again, and I will be stomping around campus silently wishing for summer to come back. Today, I am participating in a little campaign with sharing with you my summer fashion essentials! is a really fascinating and cool company that lets you buy and sell gift cards.They have tons of gift-cards discounted in price to brands such as Forever 21, Macy's, Target, Sephora, etc. You could grab a gift card for a friend or yourself as a treat and relish in those summer sales before they end! Also, if you have any gift cards lying around to any store or restaurant that you personally are not going to use yourself, you can sell them on's marketplace for the price you choose. Be a savvy shopper and a savvy saver that is how I like to shop. Please go and check them out! 

I am super excited to share this with you all because this will be my first ever fashion post on The Bats & Rabbits. I gotta commend all those fashion bloggers out there,getting used to posing in front of the camera is a challenge! 

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think summer is being able to throw on a airy frock and hop outside onto a picnic blanket for a actual picnic or for some casual reading. My first summer fashion essential is a airy dress! It's "easy, breezy, beautiful" I don't even need to think about it. I got this dress in an ASOS sale and I am in love with it! When it's hot and humid and I need to head out and run errands I tend to gravitate towards this piece. I just slip it on and go! 

My next summer fashion essential is a hat. Having black hair or dark hair with the sun beating down on it is not fun at all so I opt for a hat so I can avoid feeling the heat on my head. This super cute hat came from Forever 21 and it makes me feel like a gardener or one of those dudes that push gondola boats in Italy.
My third fashion essential is a pair of boots..Yes I know! boots in the summer is a unusual choice, most people would opt for sandals but I think these boots in particular go under the category of a "summery boot" because they are a pretty cream color that pairs well with any summer ensemble and these also have this "holey" texture that provides some breathing room for my feet. These are also from Forever 21 and are still around in stores and online.

 My last summer essential under the fashion category is cute pair of shades to protect the retina's. Gotta admit..polka dots have practically taken over my life so my sunglasses are also polka dots. These cute shades are from Target. 
As for summery makeup I have been loving my Naked Flushed Palette which you can read about in full here and Loreal's Miss Manga Mascara which I should review soon, and for the lips I pretty much always pop on my NARS Velvet Lip Pencil in the shade Red Sq. 

So..tell me, what are your summer fashion essentials? Leave your answers in the comments below! 

I hope you enjoyed my first fashion post! I hope to curate some more outfits to show and maybe inspire you guys especially as the school season quickly approaches 
( this will also provide me more practice and confidence posing in front of the camera!)Don't worry though I have a good amount of beauty to talk about too. You can keep up with The Bats & Rabbits easily by following me on Bloglovin, Twitter or Instagram for frequent updates! See you all soon! 
                                                           - A 

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